1st Grade Halloween
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

1st Grade Halloween - party or no party - there’s going to be action!

This morning, Ms. Rambets sent me a note asking if her sixth graders could come visit my first-grade classroom this afternoon. She said her students were excited and wanted to BE SURE that we saw their handmade crafts.

I said, “Sure thing - Great!”

After all, today is when some folks celebrate Halloween, and although we were not having a party, the kiddos would get a treat.

At the appointed time, Ms. Rambets and her students DID NOT simply arrive and knock on the door. NO WAY!

Here’s what happened …

Suddenly, all 30 of them burst through the door and swooped around the classroom, screeching, “Oooooooooo!”

My first graders and I were astounded … We sat frozen in one massive stupor.

Using papier-mâché, each of her students had made a Halloween mask, rich in color and gory detail.

They ran up and down the aisles - between the wee desks - waving their masks and scaring the daylights out of all of us ... Just to make sure we saw them!

To add to the effect, Ms. Rambets was dressed like a witch, make-up and all. Her black shoulder-length hair was divided and molded into six cone-shaped spikes. Contrasting sharply with the clay-white make-up on her shrieking face were her blood-colored-red lips.

Dramatically, she leaped on top of an empty desk, tossed her head back, and cackled, “Eh, hee-hee-hee, heeeeeee!”

Then, as quickly as they had come, they were gone!

Still, my entire class sat motionless. In a deafening silence.

Was anyone breathing?

Martin was the first one to move. Slowly, quietly, he stood. Stooping over, he peered around the room, suspiciously.

He could barely speak. “That witch scared me to death!” He clutched the spot covering his little chest. “Can’t you hear it? My heart’s STILL beatin’!”

Sighing audibly, everyone chimed in, “Me, too!”

Weesie whimpered, “When that witch laughed, I got chills stinging on my back!”

“Me too!” Amy added. “She gave me goose mumps!”

At last, I caught MY breath … And was able to nod in agreement with them.

Afterwards, I thought about it ... And I guess the handmade crafts they wanted us to see were the lovely, HIDEOUS MONSTER MASKS they had waved right up in our faces.

But again, that was ONLY to MAKE SURE that we saw them! lol


Spooky Bird

I was telling the children facts about symbols, specifically the American Bald Eagle …

“This bird is just one of several symbols that may be used to represent our country, the United States of America.”

Weesie raised her hand. “Whose bird is it belongs to the buzzards?”

“What?” I asked, wanting to understand.

But Joe Joe had understood. “The buzzards?” He glared at Weesie as if he couldn’t believe his ears. “NOBODY’S!” he shouted. “Ain’t NOBODY wants to belong to them thangs. PEW! They stink!”

Here we go, I thought. Trying to keep first graders focused on the one subject we are studying is a daily lesson.

Suddenly, Stevie jumped up. He was excited. “Ohh, one time I SEEN a who owl! And it spooked me REAL BAD!”

He looked around, cautiously. “See, I was laying down on my trampoline … and I thought he didn’t see me ...

"But it turned its head round and round - all the way 'round BACKWARDS - ‘til he fount me! MAN-oh-MAN!"

Haunted House

Loegan was seated next to me helping Tommy with his new vocabulary words … One word was house.

“I live right by a haunted house,” Tommy stated, matter-of-factly.

Loegan jumped out of his seat. “REALLY? How do you know it’s haunted?”

“Cause … it’s old and spooky.”

Loegan had to know … “Do you ever go over there?”

“Sure,” Tommy said, sitting taller and puffing his chest up and out. “I ride my bike by thar all the time.”

“REALLY? Gosh!” Loegan said, thrilled at the thought.

“Does anybody live there?” I asked, pulled into his amusing idea.

Tommy shook his head. “Ain’t nobody in there … But it’s fun.”

“FUN? How come?” Loegan demanded.

“Cause … I can hear somebody saying, “Booooooo.”

Loegan gasped and sat down. “Whoa …”

“Interesting,” I said, calmly continuing what I was doing. “Who do you think is saying that?”

“Oh, that’s me,” Tommy easily admitted. That’s what you POST TO SAY when you see a haunted house!

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