Funny Things
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Funny things happen all the time in the first grade classroom. And whenever I introduce a new idea, concept or skill, you CAN BE SURE that funny things will happen!

A New First Grade Skill

During Language …

I said, “The names of people must begin with capital letters.” Next, I wrote several examples on the board and taught the lesson.

“Now," I said, “for practice, we’re going to play a game. Here's how we play ... If the word I say should begin with a capital letter, point your thumbs UP, like this.” I demonstrated.

“BUT, if the word I say should NOT start with a capital letter, make your thumbs point down, like this.” Again, I demonstrated.

“Okay," I said, "Before we start the game let's do a quick review ... Who can tell me why people’s names should begin with capital letters?”

Martin said, “I know! Cause I’m 'PORTANT!”

Little Weesie stammered. “Cause I’m up … up there! You know, a big case!”

“Because I’m first,” Tommy said, flatly.

“I know,” Loegan said. “It’s because I’m at the beginning.”

“Ummm ... okay,“ I thought. “There's always another way to go at this.”

In the meantime, we dove in and played the game.

Little Ole Biddy Thang

This morning, I reviewed my class on the lesson about names should start with a capital letter... so after lunch, I wanted them to practice applying it.

Whenever everyone had their paper set and ready to go, I said, “Okay, you will practice writing the names of three people on your paper. I’ll be looking at each name to see that you are using capital letters.”  

As I walked around, I saw Stevie’s blank page and asked, “Do you need some help?”

“I got a problem!” he said, his brows furrowing with concern. “I  know you said write the names of people with capital letters - but I’m telling you - not this kid! He’s GOT TO BE a low-down-case.”

I could hardly wait to see where this was going...

“See, it’s my brother. Bo. Ain’t NOTHIN’ big about him,” he reasoned. “He’s a little ole BIDDY thang!”

I didn’t say a word. I only glanced at him because the truth is - I was amused and trying not to laugh in his sweet little face.

After seeing that I wasn't going to say anything, he finally mumbled, "Ooo-kay." He wrote a capital B and admitted, “Well, he is a BIG PEST!”

Open House

Another funny thing happened today whenever I told my kiddos about Open House ...

“Boys and girls,” I said, “I have an announcement. The PTA has asked me to tell you that we’re having Open House tonight. Be sure to remind your parents to come visit our classroom tonight.”

Tommy was not impressed with the announcement. “I ain’t coming,” he huffed, “I already seen this place!”

Then, Weesie skipped up to me and tugged on my jacket. “Teacher," she said, still pulling on my jacket - but never once looking at me, "my mommy can’t come to the PCB Meeting ... 'cause she said she’s gunna have a big, BAAAAAD headache!"

* * *

Haha! I just love the funny things my kiddos say!

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