Funny Stuff
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Funny stuff happens daily in the first grade classroom whenever you have smart and creative thinkers, like I do!

My students are pure of heart so everything they say is said with 100% sincerity and innocence ...

What's That Mean?

Today, we read a first-grade-news story that mentioned the term, osteoporosis.

I was in the middle of explaining that osteoporosis is the loss of bone thickness whenever Amy interrupted.

“What’s THAT mean?"

“That’s easy,” Loegan blurted. “That's what a old woman humps over for!"

(Well, I thought it was funny!)

Did You Hear Me?

This morning, I told my Firsties and my assistant to be sure to listen to the announcements because I’d be speaking to them and to others on the school intercom system.

So, later - after I made the announcements - I dashed back down the hall to my classroom and eagerly asked, “How'd I do? Did you hear me?

Joe Joe spoke up... “Awww, but it’s too late,” he gravely announced. (I could hear him sucking air through his teeth.) You JUST missed it!”     

Idioms for Kids

Idioms may be expressions that you and I, as adults, know and understand, but many first graders are at the age where they take words literally.

If you say, "It's raining cats and dogs," some of them may think it's literally raining cats and dogs!

For example, today, I had just read a story about a horse to the first graders. And since everyone knows that idioms for kids can be a lot of fun, I asked my kiddos to finish the following famous line ...

"You can lead a horse to water, but ... "

Gena said, “But don’t push him in!”

Loegan said, “And don’t let him JUMP in!”

Weesie shook her head. “You can’t weed a kanga-WOO.”

Martin, who's as country as they come, said, "Take him on down thar ... But you better MAKE SURE he ain’t no bull!”

Now, aren't my kiddos creative and cute? Most of all, they're so smart and pure of heart. Yep, I love and appreciate the uniqueness of every one of them and A.L.L. of their funny stuff!

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Funny Stuff

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