Funny Stories
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Funny stories are from my diary, The Diary of a First Grade Teacher. Oh, every year, I have some very entertaining kiddos in my class! Enjoy!

You the Big Man!

The students had heard our principal speak on the intercom every morning for a whole week now, but they had never met him ...

So, today, whenever he came into our classroom, I said, "Class, this is Mr. Benken, the new principal of our school."

Stevie, who was standing beside me, heard Mr. Benken's voice and looked inspired. "Man," he blurted, "is that really you?"

He stood staring at Mr. Benken ... first mesmerized, then exuberant. "WOW!" he practically shouted, "HOW DO YOU DO IT?"

"I beg your pardon," Mr. Benken replied, "What are you talking about, son?"

"You know," Stevie explained, speaking loudly and slowly, as if the principal were both deaf and slow.

"You the BIG MAN talkin' in the little box on the wall! I just gotta know it ... How do you FIT up in nar?!"

Don't You Get It?!

Here's another story, provided by Stevie ...

At the Reading table, I asked Stevie to read the next sentence.

And he did ... “The gifts aren’t here.”

"Good," I said. “Remember, the word, aren’t, is a contraction. Aren't stands for two words. Who will tell me WHAT the two words are?”

Stevie spoke up. “It means the gifts ain’t here.”

"Well," I said, pausing.

Again, Stevie jumped in and took it from there. Sliding his body halfway across the Reading table, he stuck his head right in my face, as if that would convince me ... “THEY GONE! YOU KNOW? That means, they AIN’T HERE no more!"

* * *

Ha-ha! I love my firsties and all of their stories!

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