What about This?
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

What about this and what about that? You, parents, are full of questions. And I don’t blame you!

It's the beginning of BIG SCHOOL (first grade) for your child, so there are a few new things to discover, especially if it's your first-born child. If there's a question about your child's needs, you want to know everything. Now!

And that's good! We teachers love it whenever parents are interested in their children's academic education!

What about That?

“What about that?” you ask. And we teachers are glad to help you ... But if we don't have the answer for you, right on the spot, we know who to refer you to ... Typically, your school district will have plenty of resources.

For example I’m often asked, “What are some signs that my child may be gifted?” As a good starting place, I’ve provided a list of traits for you right here at Six and Gifted.

Another question that's often asked is, "Could my child be having visual problems?"

If he or she is having difficulty seeing, you KNOW they will be unable to do their best at school. No one wants that! And remember that your child's vision can change from year to year.

So while teachers are always on the lookout for children with visual problems, there are some things you can look for, too. See visual problems.

What about children with speech problems? What about this?

If you've noticed that your child often has difficulty pronouncing certain words, please ask about the procedure used at your child's school for a possible speech referral.

In the meantime, I have some cute first grade stories about enunciation. Look here, also ... What Did You Say?

Does your child have a problem learning some of his or her vocabulary words? Here are two or three tips that may help you if your child is having a reading problem with the vocabulary words.


Oh, what about this? I get a lot of questions about ADHD, so I’ve included a brief summary of information on the following questions …

What is ADHD? What are the causes of ADHD? What are some of the ADHD myths? Do I have any ADHD strategies? Do I know anything about ADHD diet guidelines? How is ADHD diagnosed? And what is the treatment for ADHD?

Those are just some of the many questions parents have asked. So, if you are feeling worried about anything, or if anything really concerns you about your child, the sooner you seek information about it, the better!

I’m reminded of the famous line that’s commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, “Knowledge is power.”

But that's true only if we use that knowledge. So go find out everything you want to know!

With all that being said, I have a question for you ...

What about this? If you have told someone your concern, and you KNOW they are working on it, will you wait patiently for a response?

At the beginning of a new school year, it will most likely take some time. I promise that most teachers and schools will give you, send you, and tell you so much information, your head will swim.

We have a printout of information on everything! But getting all of this information to you will take some t.i.m.e. This is on purpose because, after all, we serve a huge population of little darlings.

Just know that we at school are in the business of wanting to help your child succeed, just as much as you do! :)

Hope this little bit of info helps!


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