A Birthday Present for My Friend

by Carolyn

My little girl, Sue, who is four years old was invited to her friend, Bree's birthday party.

Whenever we went shopping, Sue insisted on us buying Bree a CERTAIN birthday gift ... The gift HAD TO BE a crown for a princess.

Of course, as it so happened, this was exactly what my daughter Sue has been asking for.

And after we found one, I had to admit that it was really cute. So I bought it. (In fact, I bought one for Sue, too - for later. But Sue didn't know it.)

Whenever we arrived at the party, I told Sue to go ahead and give Bree the present. But to my horror, she flatly refused.

She cried and fussed, "NO, MOMMA! I change-ED my mind. This is MY princess crown! I give Bree some-fin special. I give her a... a MAGE-O-NARY friend."

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A Birthday Present for My Friend
by: Lynda

That is brilliant! I've got to remember that an imaginary friend is the perfect gift! Thanks so much for sharing that!!!

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