Decisions! Decisions!

by Rainey

My grand neice, Michelle, is TWO years old today. And her party is tonight.

So my sister and I took her to town to buy her a birthday present.

In the store, I held up two beach towels. "Look, Michelle," I said. "Which towel do you want?"

One towel portrayed Snow White and the other one showed a scene from Sesame Street. I knew it would be a hard decision for her because Michelle loves Snow White AND all of the Sesame Street characters.

I asked her again to choose, but she didn't say a word. She simply sucked on her pacifier. Was she even listening?

Then my sister and I took turns repeatedly asking her which towel did she want.

At last, she popped out the pacifier, threw her little hands in the air, and exploded, "I TAINT decide!"

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Decisions! Decisions!
by: Lynda

Even toddlers can feel pressure... Bless her heart... That's such a sweeeet story. Thanks, Rainey!

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