Dehydrating in the Car

by Jessica Wood

I teach first grade at a Christian school and we were having prayer requests. After some heavy rain and rough storms the night before, my kiddos were a-twitter with storm-related requests/stories. One girl said, "Mrs. Wood, me and my daddy were driving in the rain and we DEHYDRATED! It was so scary! The car swerved back and forth!"

I didn't do a good job containing my laughter. "I think you mean you hydroplaned."

After prayer time I did take the teachable-moment to talk about what hydroplaning actually meant.

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Dehydrating in the Car
by: Lynda

Lol ... That's so cute!

After a trying situation, such as a storm, we can always count on the little ones to pop up with an unique viewpoint - and say something funny.

Thanks, Jessica! I love it!

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