Do Me a Favor

by Thomas

When I got home today my little four-year-old granddaughter was here with her mother.

I said, "It's been a while since I've seen you. Where've you been, Baby Girl?"

She spoke clearly and directly. "Paw Paw, that's cause I didn't need anything."

Then - as if she suddenly remembered something - she ran and jumped into my arms. She hugged me and kissed my face all over. "Paw Paw, we going on vacation ... Will you do me a favor? Keep my dog!"

"No. No way! He's a house dog." I looked at her mother. "You know how I feel about a dog in the house."

"He's got a kennel," Baby Girl said.

"Nope. No can do."

"But Paw Paw," she pleaded, ever-so-softly, "he won't have ANYBODY to love him."

"Forget it."

But taking my face, she held it between her two little hands and poked out her bottom lip.

"Oh, heck," I said. "Set the kennel right here."

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Do Me a Favor
by: Lynda

Thanks, Paw Paw Thomas ... That's a great story! Shows exactly how much the little ones have us grandparents wrapped around their little fingers.

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