Field Trips
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Field trips are exciting for students. They’re glad to leave school and go on an adventure. And because my kiddos are first graders, they’re always curious and eager to see anything and everything!

When the day arrives, they're raring to go ... There’s a spirit of camaraderie in the air, and I love their attitudes!

Today, we had a field trip planned, and it was going to see a three-act play, presented by the talented drama students at our local high school.

On our way to the auditorium, Amy – who was sitting next to me on the bus ride there – saw an 18 wheeler. It was hauling two brand new cars to a car dealership somewhere, no doubt.

Little Amy studied the two shiny vehicles that sat high on top of the trailer of the 18-wheeler. The cars were facing each other.

After studying them a bit, she cocked her little head sideways and said, "Look teacher! Is them cars GOING or COMING?”

Great question! I thought. I could see why she might think that! lol

A Grand Entrance

Whenever we arrived, I stood in the doorway looking into the auditorium to see that Mr. Benken, our principal, had the older students already seated in the rear of the room. He likes for the younger students to sit up front, of course, where it’s easier for them to see.

Before we entered the auditorium, I glanced back to see a nice, straight, quiet line. Great job! I thought. So we marched from the back of the auditorium to the very front to find our places.

As we walked I heard a few giggles coming from the crowd of older kids who were seated. But then the laughter began to spread.

What was going on?

I turned around to see something unusual happening …

As the end of my line passed them, students - row by row, like a wave - were standing, pointing to the end of my class’s line.

Oh, no ... WHAT was it?!

As the end of my line approached me, I found out!


Waiting for the Start

I sat between Joe Joe and Weesie.

Weesie doesn’t weigh enough to hold down her seat in the auditorium, so it kept trying to close on her.

Exasperated, she said, “Teacher, my seat won’t co-opah-wate. It keeps falling me in!”

To keep it from swallowing her, I asked Clarissa to sit in the same seat with her.

In what seemed like forever, we sat waiting for the play to start.

As the preliminary music played on and on, I stared ahead at the CLOSED heavy regal draperies covering the stage ...

At the top center of the massive curtains is an initial, an enormous capital letter P. The P, encircled in a shimmering gold fabric, represents our high school’s name.

Martin – who sat behind me - stood and shouted in my ear. “Teacher, WHAT’S THAT BIG CASE P FOR? Puh-puh-purple?

I glanced over my shoulder. “Sh-h-h … Sit.”

He sat, but continued. “Is it puh-puh-please? Pleeeese, start the show!”

Joe Joe was aggravated, too. “What’s that music for?” He grumbled, “Ain’t nuttin happening!”

“Just wait,” I told him.

Finally, the master of ceremonies stepped out, made a brief opening statement and disappeared.

Whenever everyone applauded, Joe Joe sprang from his seat. “IS THAT IT? I HATE field trips! We waited ALL THAT TIME for nuttin!”

But then ...

The play began. Thank goodness! And the kiddos LOVED it!

On the Way Back ...

On the way back, Ben saw an old car poking along down the road.

“That old car looks BAAAD,” he remarked.

Loegan was looking out of the window also, so he offered his opinion. “If that was my car, I know what I’d do.” He craned his neck to see it as long as he could. “I’d drive real fast so nobody could see that ol' thang!”

Field Trips are Fun!

After we were back at our elementary school, relaxing in our classroom, I asked the kiddos if they enjoyed the field trip.

Some nodded their heads, while others said, "Oh, yes!"

Martin thought it over before he responded. Then, sounding like some kind of an old man, he said, "Well, once they all finally got CRANKED UP and GOING, it was pretty good!"

The Wheels on the Bus - Song


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