First Grade Quotes
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Many of my first grade quotes come from outspoken kids, like Ema and Martin. But then again, you never know who will speak out with something interesting. That's because it takes all different kinds of people to make up this beautiful world.

For example, Martin is always in a happy mood. Today, he bounced into class and shouted, "Mmmm Mmmm, somebody in here smells GOOD!"

He walked past Ema's desk, stopped, and then went back. Leaning way over her head, he inhaled deeply, then smiled, and enjoyed the aroma.

"Oh yeah," he said, "YOU smell g-o-o-d!"

Several times during the morning Martin mentioned how "good" Ema smelled.

Each time I shook my head at him, and placed a finger on my lips indicating to him to be quiet.

Finally, Ema slammed shut her math book. "Teacher," she snarled, "MAKE THAT BOY STOP SNIFFING ME!"

Martin - who observed the whole thing - was wide-eyed with surprise and innocence.

At last, he shrugged, dropped his chin to his chest, and stammered, "Cause ... cause you smell so good."

"Yes, I do," Ema admitted, "but you gotta 'member - I ain't no dog!"

First Grade Quote

Often, whenever I go to a student's desk, I will tire of bending over ...

So I will stand on my knees or squat down beside them so that I'm closer to their eye-level and to their work.

Today, I was seated at my desk whenever I heard Martin.

"Oh, shoot!" he said, and headed my way.

"Teacher, I can't do this," he insisted. And then, he stood on his knees beside my desk.

He looked so small, cute, and funny. "What are you doing?" I asked, smiling. "Stand up."

"This paper made a mistake!" he said, standing.

But just as quickly, he crouched down beside me, and I couldn't keep from laughing ... It's AMAZING what the children learn from us!

"You found a mistake?" I asked, looking at his page of subtraction problems.

"Uh-huh ... See?" He was baffled. "It's got 'leven on here."

He spoke in his best Southern drawl. "We can't TAKE AWAY FROM 'LEVEN," he scoffed. "We only got ten fangers!"

Who's Walking Whom?

Joe Joe was telling me all about his dog ...

"My dad put a LEECH on my dog," he laughed, knowingly, " 'cause my dad KNOWED my dog was ready to take him for a walk!"

** *

My job is demanding, for sure, but oh how I love my kiddos and their fresh and original first grade quotes!

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