First Grade Vocabulary
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

The first grade vocabulary words here are extremely important. First, these are the words that MANY first grade teachers use.

So here's the deal ...

You can help your child at home with these words ...

But only if you are a patient person.

Come on! Always remember that learning should be fun - or at the minimum, pleasant!

Your Child Should Know These Words Instantly!

By that, I mean your child should recognize the words immediately - upon sight - and read them.

This is NOT a spelling list. This is a sight word list. Sight words are to be taught as whole words, so do not break them down. Read each as a whole word.

Take your time. There is no hurry. First grade lasts a whole school year.

Keep reading, and you’ll soon discover exactly why it's important to start at the top of this first grade vocabulary list.

Important Guidelines

Give the child a few words at a time. For example, one line at a time will be fine. It may take one, two, or three weeks for the child to learn a FEW words. It depends on many factors ... So make this a game, or please, do not teach.

Practice for a VERY short period of time … Say five minutes. PLEASE do not frustrate your child!

My suggestion for the first grade vocabulary is to make flashcards.

Here are my tips ...

  • Make each flashcard on paper or cards small enough for your child to handle easily
  • Your child can best SEE black marker on a white background
  • PRINT each letter a-half-an-inch to one-inch tall

Please note if your child is having difficulty ...

At some point you should have his or her eyes checked by a professional. And I say, the sooner, the better.

First Grade Vocabulary

Here's an Amazing Fact for You!

Dr. Edward B. Fry arranged his list of the most common sight words in order of frequency of use. His research determined that the first twenty-four words – found at the top of the list - make up about one-third of all published work!


So, I say this is a VERY IMPORTANT first grade vocabulary list! I'm sure you'll agree.

Fry's Sight Words - The First One Hundred

a can her many see us

about come here me she very

after day him much so was

again did his my some we

all do how new take were

an down I no that what

and eat if not the when

any for in of their which

are from is old them who

as get it on then will

at give just one there with

be go know or they work

been good like other this would

before had little our three you

boy has long out to your

but have make put two

by he man said up

Now, here's more help for you and your child ... After viewing the following video several times, your child will soon have the rhythm of the song and know how to read the 24 most commonly printed words in the English-speaking world!

24 High Frequency Words

More Astounding News!

Dr. Fry also discovered that the one hundred words listed here are commonly used in about half of ALL written publications! He encouraged children to memorize these sight words to become better readers.

That's why if you want to help your child become a better reader, you're going to LOVE his lists.

Fry's Sight Words - The Second Hundred

Important Note: If your child is struggling to learn the first one-hundred sight words, do not begin this list! Learn the first one hundred.

also color home must red think

am could house name right too

another dear into near run tree

away each kind never saw under

back ear last next say until

ball end leave night school upon

because far left only seem use

best find let open shall want

better first live over should way

big five look own soon where

black found made people stand while

book four may play such white

both friend men please sure wish

box girl more present tell why

bring got morning pretty than year

call hand most ran these

came high mother read thing

Fry's Sight Words - The Third Hundred

Important Note: If your child is struggling to learn the second hundred sight words, do not begin this list! Learn the second hundred.

along didn't food keep sat though

always does full letter second today

anything dog funny longer set took

around don't gave love seven town

ask door goes might show try

ate dress green money sing turn

bed early grow myself sister walk

brown eight hat now sit warm

buy every happy o'clock six wash

car eyes hard off sleep water

carry face head once small woman

clean fall hear order start write

close fast help pair stop yellow

clothes fat hold part ten yes

coat fine hope ride thank yesterday

cold fire hot round third

cut fly jump same those

See VIDEOS of Fry's High Frequency Word List

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