Kids Stories
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Kids stories are funny-real-life stories taken straight from my diary, The Diary of a First Grade Teacher.

You just never know what first graders are thinking OR what they'll say next!

Funny Real Life Kid Story

I have plenty of kids stories in The Diary of a First Grade Teacher. Here are two of my favorite ...

I was on recess duty today whenever I realized that Clarissa was missing.

Where could she be? I thought. She knew she was not supposed to leave the group without permission.

I searched the entire playground area again and didn't see her anywhere!

Next, I ran around the corner of the building to try to see inside one of my opened classroom windows.

Standing on the outside of the building, it's difficult for me to see someone inside because my windows are built just a LITTLE high over my head.

I jumped up a couple of times before I spotted her. She was near the third opened window ... I moved over there and said, "Clarissa, what are you doing?"

There was no answer.

"Clarissa," I continued, "you're not supposed to be in there. What are you doing?"

Again, no answer.

I jumped up again and saw her - still standing right there. "Clarissa," I shouted, "look out the window. I'm right here!"

If she looked out of the window, I never saw her because I had to speak to her again.

"Clarissa," I demanded, "I KNOW you can hear me, and you'd better come outside this very minute!"

I'm sure she never saw me because suddenly, I heard her LOUDLY and CLEARLY ...


* * *

lol - That's just so pure and honest ... Ya gotta love it!

Going to Big School

Amy, who was working on one of the first-grade-math worksheets, suddenly stopped and made a declaration. "Teacher, I'm glad I'm not a kitty-garden anymore."

After marking her answer ever-so-precisely, she propped her pencil on her cheek and reflected ... It was as if she could hardly believe it. "Now, I'm going to big school."

Suddenly, she flashed her biggest and brightest smile. "I FINALLY got in here, and now ... I sooooo happy, Teacher! I'm a BIG GRADER!"

* * *

These kids stories are remarks my kiddos made back in the 80s and early 90s, but I'm glad to share their sweetness and truth with you.


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