The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Kindergartners may be little and naive, but they are also smart - and super cute! Everyone at school enjoys seeing them and assisting them, including my first graders.

Early Morning Duty

One morning, I was on early duty whenever Clarissa, one of my students, arrived with another student, a kindergartner.

The five-year-old said, “My teacher has a BIG chalkboard in our kiddy room. Does your teacher have one in your room?”

“Hmmph! Of course, we do,” my Clarissa retorted. “Don't you know?! ALL teachers have to have SOMETHING to write their names on.”

Teacher, Wake Up!

Again, I was on early morning duty whenever I saw a kindergartner wearing a t-shirt that caught my attention.

I said, “I like your t-shirt.”

He responded with ... “I got bulldogs in my britches.”

“What?” I asked. “What are you talking about?”

He was helpful. He pulled out the bottom of his t-shirt. "See?”

Trying to wake up, I sipped my coffee, and read the t-shirt again. “Mississippi State … Bulldogs. Of course!” I said, feeling silly.

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A Frustrated Student

This morning I was headed down the hall toward the school cafeteria which is located in another building, near our main building ...

Suddenly a kindergartner jogged up beside me. He was red-faced, hot and sweaty.

“Look, I been going this way and ... and over that a-way,” he complained, pointing one way and then in another direction. “And looking and looking!”

He shook his little head. “My teacher wants some juice from the cafeteria. Can you help me to EVER GET OUT OF THIS PLACE, AND FIND THE CAFETERIA?”

Hey, Teacher ... HELLOOO!

In the school hall I saw a kindergartner who is the sister to one of my students. She was walking quietly in line with her classmates.

I had recently met her - along with the rest of the family - at our school’s Open House.

Now, she had spotted me because she was yelling, “HEY … HEY, YOU!”

She left her line and ran toward me - shouting, “HEY! I KNOW YOU! You in my SISTER’S ROOM!”

A Kiddy Garden?

In the cafeteria a kindergarten class was seated next to my class ...

My student, Amy, asked me if she could give the little student seated next to her a piece of her apple.

“I’ll give her this piece,” she said, searching through her choices.

I shook my head. “I rather you not.“

“Wait … That’s right!” she continued, and picked up a tiny piece. “She’s a kiddy garden. She should have this five-year-old piece!”

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So, This is First Grade!

A teacher from next door sent one of her students to see if I had some colored markers she could borrow.

The little one entered my classroom looking up and around and everywhere at everyone and everything. He seemed impressed and happy with what he saw.

“I like in here!” he determined. Then, he took the markers and was back at the door ready to leave ...

Suddenly, he ran back to me and whispered, “Say, do y’all give out 100’s in here, too? If you do, I might come back!”

The New Baby

After school, I was in the hall with some teachers… We were waiting for a couple of parents to pick up their children whenever the Music teacher appeared. She had come after class to show us her new arrival, a beautiful baby girl.

A kindergartner who was waiting stood nearby.  After hearing all of our oohhs and aahhs, she stepped closer to take a peek. 

“Oooooh, I have a baby, too!” she confided. “JUST LIKE that one!” Briefly, she bit a fingernail and stared at the newborn. "Well, 'cept for one thing," she confessed. “That baby’s REAL. And mine’s a FAKE!”

Attention: Parents

Do you have a question you’d like to ask a first grade teacher, but you don’t have easy access to one? Feel free to ask me ... I'll help you any way that I can!

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