Last Day of School

from The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Last day of school ... I can hardly believe it! Where does all the time go?

The first graders have learned so much this year ... They've grown so much. No longer are they babies.

And this happened right before my eyes!

I Don't Want to Go!

On the last day of school my first graders receive a longer recess. I figure they deserve it ...

They love running, jumping around, and just being able to wiggle.

I was enjoying the fresh air and sunshine ... and watching my class play for the last time - under my care.

Suddenly, Martin jumped from the swing he was on, ran over to me, and declared, “Teacher, I ain’t ever going to Second Grade. I don’t want to ever, EVER go!”

Wasn’t that sweet? These children love me as much as I love them.

“Come here,” I said. Bending over, I placed an arm around him. “I want to tell you something ... You’re going to like Second Grade as much as you like First Grade ... I promise!”

“Huh?” He was baffled. At last, he resumed. “No Siree, Ma’am! I ain’t ever, EVER leaving these good swings!”

To My Teacher

Later, Tommy wandered over to me. “I ain’t going to this school next year.”

“Oh?” I was surprised. “Is your family moving?”

He shook his head. “I just ain’t coming to school no more.”

“Oh? Which school will you be attending?” Perhaps he’s going to be homeschooled, I thought.

"I ain’t going to no school, no where,” he affirmed. His voice was gentle, polite, direct … “But, I’ll write you letters, Teacher.”

The Report Card

On the last day of school, Martin’s dad looked at Martin’s report card and said, “Good job!”

“What’s that mean?” Martin responded nervously. “Does it mean …”

“It means you going to second grade, son.” Relieved, Martin blushed, shook his head, and sighed. “Psshh ... I wasted a worry … I passed!”

Reward for Me

Today – on the final day of school – Stevie rewarded me …

First, he showed me a fistful of stamps with a picture of a different animal on each one.

Then, he made me realize how I sound to them, the first graders …

“Here, it’s YOUR turn,” he said. “Here’s a REWARD for YOU.”

“How nice!” I played along. “A reward for me? What did I do to deserve this?”

Never looking up, he diligently arranged about 30 stamps on the top of my desk. “Go ahead,” he nodded to them, “pick the one you want. You been a GOOD teacher.”

He gave me a pat on the back. And again, he sounded just like me ...

“Remember, you can lick it and stick it anywhere you want – just NOT on your desk or your good school books.”

Last Day of School - First Grade

After spending every day – for an entire school year – with these precious little ones, I admit it can be a tad bit emotional on the last day of school. Not necessarily for the children. Lol ... But for me.

I’m so proud of each and every one of them though ...

So – reluctantly - I send them on their way … And with them, I send my hopes for their lives to be filled with great success, health, and happiness.

I remind myself that the majority of them will be right back here at this school next year …

After all, I can always look down the hallway and wave to them - my older children. Because they will always be “my school children.”

And me …

I’ll have my hands full with A NEW CREW to teach, to grow with, to steal my heart away.


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