Let's have a baby ...

by Kavitha

I have only one son, and he is always wanting to have a sibling to grow up with him. We have had many discussions about it. He wants us to adopt a baby from someone.

He started first grade this year, and his teacher is expecting a baby, so he is visualizing and witnessing the growth of the teacher's tummy.

This is very fascinating for him, so sometimes he imitates her by tucking a stuffed toy inside his shirt, and then acts like a baby is inside.

The funny incident happened recently when the topic of having another baby came up, again ...

This time he was not interested in adopting a baby, so he asked me, so sweetly, so sincerely, "Mommy, instead of adopting, can we have a baby from scratch?"

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Thank you for posting..
by: Kavitha

His stories are unlimited and he always amazes me with his innovative ideas and with his out of box thinking but still with the innocence ...I am truly enjoying every moment of it; I wish I get more time to spend with him in my crazy working hours.

Let's have a baby ...
by: Lynda

Hahahaha! That story is so precious! And I'm so glad you shared it here. Please feel free to submit more of your son's funny remarks.

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