Meet my teacher/who are these people?

Today my daughter was able to meet her teacher & see what class she would be in. She was so excited, but upon seeing the class list, we realized EVERY single girl friend she had was in the other room. Her kindy report cards were all outstanding...all A's.

She is now in a room with most kids that were in the afternoon class, with the exception of 2 girls & 2 boys she knew from the AM class.

She is so sad about this & I was wondering if you had any feedback on why this is or how to approach a teacher with this so that I don't sound like "THAT MOM."


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Meet my teacher/who are these people?
by: Lynda

Hi Lisa,

I wouldn't worry about sounding like "THAT MOM." As long as you're polite - and I'm sure you will be - and you don't interrupt class :) the teacher will listen ... And remember, you can always send a note.

If you have a question or concern about anything at your child's school, you should assume the people there will assist you.

First, are you wanting to move your daughter to the other class? If so, you'll need to talk to the school principal for his or her approval.

Principals or school counselors set up each teacher's roster - not the teacher. Perhaps the school counselor can help, but the principal will have the final word.

You should do this as soon as possible ... The problem is the school office is SO busy at this time of the year.

As I see it, you have four choices ...

1.) Be there early before school starts and be willing to wait - because you do not have an appointment.

2.) Call and set up an appointment - which may take too long to see someone ... Time is of the essence because principals really don't like to move students at any time, and especially after classes have been in session a few days.

3.) Call and see if you can talk to one of them on the telephone. But here's the KEY - and I'm trying to help you out here - you will need a better reason than she doesn't know the people in her new classroom. (It's not that the principal is being cold-hearted, it's a matter of logistics.)

4.) You can always leave her where she is and know that most children adjust quickly - very quickly! As long as you accept it and reassure her that everything is "just fine," she'll believe you and accept it, too.

While it's natural for her to be sad at first, she's lucky because she already knows two girls and two boys. Play up that fact.

You asked WHY it's like this ...

Most public schools have software that helps create teacher rosters. Unless the class is a special class, the students are divided according to several factors, which may include gender, grades, etc.

For example, it wouldn't be fair to teachers OR to students if just one teacher had a roster of students who made only A's.

Finally, if I were you, I wouldn't be in a hurry to move her until you see how "everything" goes.

I understand how you feel and I hope this info helps.

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