Mispronounced Words

from The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Mispronounced words CAN BE a clue that your child has a hearing loss. If you're truly concerned, be sure to have your child checked by a professional.

But often, it's simply a matter of mispronunciations only.

Whenever this is this case, then, get ready for some humor ... freely provided by the first graders.

A Beautiful Thing

At recess, Ema ran over to where I stood. “Teacher, DID YOU NOTICE? Today, I’m PRETTY!”

“Yes, you are!” I said, admiring her frilly, pink, pageant-styled dress.

Suddenly, she began spinning. Faster and faster she spun, watching her skirt tail fly.

At last, she slowed down enough to shout … “See, that's cause I went to the BOOTY SHOP!”

The Sandwich

Long before students are expected to WRITE informative paragraphs, we teachers have them practice informing us and others by allowing them to SPEAK about how they create, build, or do something.

For example ...

Today, the students were to complete the following sentence starter orally

The sandwich I like to make is ____.

(Then, they tell me the steps to make it. They are instructed to use clue words - First, Next, Last – to help them.)

Martin volunteered to speak first …

“Mmmm Mmmm,” he said. “My bestest sam-mich is ham. And it gots lotsa man-a-maze! FIRST, I build it. THEN, I gobble it up ... " He laughed nervously. “I mean, DOWN!”

Many Lessons Needed on "Stay on Subject"

We were discussing how the lack of rain was a problem for the farmers in our part of the USA, the Deep South ...

Out of the blue, Gena made an announcement: “My momma had a baby. And now she can’t have any more babies. Cause she got her boobs tied!”

Got the WHAT?

Tommy was slouched over in the corner on a beanbag ... He was supposed to be reading.

“Tommy, do you like the story you’re reading?” I asked, as if he had actually been reading.

He was honest. “I don’t know,” he said. “I ain’t reading.”

“No?” I raised my eyebrows. “What’s going on?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know … My ol' man SAZ I got the WHINE flu!”

My Favorite Movie

Each child was making a list of his/her favorite things ...

Weesie could hardly wait to tell me … “My favorite MOVIE is Booty and the Beast!"

Jumping High

At recess, Clarissa - my little tomboy - said, “Teacher, I can run and jump turtles!”

Mispronounced Words

“Turtles?” I said.

“Uh-huh, HIGH-UP turtles … over by my house.”

I remembered that she lived over behind the high school stadium. “Oh, you mean hurdles.”

She glanced at me sideways. “That’s what I said. Turtles!”

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