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by Trudy

What does one on one help mean? My son's teacher said he needs one on one help.

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One-on-One Help
by: Lynda

One-on-one help refers to one-on-one instruction.

Let me explain ...

Your child's teacher believes that your child would benefit if he could receive extra help with certain skill/s.

Instead of him working and learning in a GROUP of children, he'd receive specific help that meets HIS individual needs.

The teacher could teach according to your child's strengths and learning style/s and help him improve in the deficient areas. And best of all, your child would receive ALL of the instructor's attention.

In the classroom, your child is taught in large group settings and also in small groups of children. And while classroom teachers do provide as much one-on-one help as possible, the truth is there's simply not a great deal of time left for that.

Just so you know, many children can and do benefit from one-on-one instruction.

I suggest talking to his teacher again and asking for more information. Who knows? Perhaps you can help him yourself. If not, the teacher will have suggestions.

I hope this info helps.

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