Quote Bible Verses

by Margie

I love watching the kids at our church whenever they have a contest of sorts.

Wednesday night, they were lined up in front of the congregation, ready to quote bible verses.

The last one standing, of course, would be whoever knew the most scripture.

One by one each child either quoted a bible verse or sat down. Finally, after several rounds, only three children remained.

The presure must have been intense for Sue, our pastor's daughter. Everyone could see her squirming. Then, we saw her whisper to her friend who was standing beside her.

We know what she must have asked her friend and also what her friend must have said back to her.

How? Why? Because when it was little Sue's turn, she boldly blared out, "JUST SAY ONE OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS!"

So cute!

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Quote Bible Verses
by: Lynda

I can just see it! Lol - That's kids for ya! Thank you so much for sharing it!

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