Really Funny Stuff in First Grade
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Really funny stuff can sometimes come from what is a MAJOR PROBLEM in the classroom. And I’m talking about in ANY classroom ...

Can you guess what it is?

It’s pencils!

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First Grade Funny Stuff

I don’t care how many pencils the students bring in OR that I loan out, somehow they disappear!

Of course, no one ever admits to taking them out of the classroom, which makes me wonder …

Perhaps the pencil can withstand just so much manipulation, and then it simply self-destructs!

But ANY teacher will tell you that on any given day, there’s at least ONE person who can’t find a pencil.

So I wasn’t the least bit surprised when Ben said, “Teacher, I lost my pencil yesterday. And I lost my 'nother one today.”

“Oh, no, I’m sorry, Ben,” I said, “but I don’t have any more pencils myself.”

Ben said, “I’ll keep looking 'cause I want to go to Recess.”

Soon he disappeared into the private bathroom that’s attached to our classroom.

“Oh, Teacher, Teacher!” he yelled from behind the closed bathroom door. “I was just sitting here. And GUESS WHAT!”

He was so excited that all of his classmates stopped to hear his story. And me? I stood frozen in one spot. What in the world was he going to say?!!! I didn't have time to breathe!

He laughed hysterically. “You not gunna believe it! But I see yesterday’s pencil!”

What's Always Happening in First Grade?
Really Funny Stuff!

Today, I learned that even Martin who talks NONSTOP can be left speechless.

He was in the private bathroom that connects to our classroom.

“Listen,” I told the class. “What IS that?”

Whenever everyone was quiet, we heard singing ...

“I’m gonna wash my face. Yeah! Yeah!

"I’m gonna wash my face. (Splash! Splash!)

“Whew! I jist washed my face. Yeah! Yeah!

"I jist washed my face ... Phhhhh!!!"

Suddenly the bathroom door opened. And everyone looked to see.

It was Martin, of course. His hair was wet and slicked back. His little face was polished to a high sheen.

Stepping into the classroom, his demeanor was solemn, even dignified. Headed to his desk now, he finally noticed us.

By the time they're six years old, you'd think they know that sound travels - lol!

We didn’t mean to stare - I'm sure - but he was the cutest thing! And we couldn’t keep from laughing.

Martin was kind and polite to us though. He simply sat, smiled duly, and never said a single word. REMARKABLE!

Funny Bathroom Humor

My assistant took the girls to the girls’ bathroom down the hall. And I took the boys to their bathroom, across the hall from them.

The boys were being extra loud, so I stepped to the bathroom door and said, “Boys, shhhhh! Hold it down in there!”

Not skipping a beat, one of them yelled back, “I am, Teacher! But Joe Joe ain’t! He wet me ALL OVER!”

The Boys' Bathroom

Stevie ran out of the boys' bathroom ...

"P-U!" he shouted. "They need more than ONE bath fresh-ner up in thar!"

I was surprised at what he had said and was trying my best to keep from laughing. (Really… I try hard to model good behavior for my students!)

"Teacher," he said, disappointed in me. "This ain't funny! Somebody loosed their manners up in thar!"

* * *

I admit it ... Sometimes I laugh out loud! Now, wouldn't you?

But when it's all said and done, I'm so happy that each of my kiddos feels comfy enough ...

  • to yell from the bathroom - whenever they can't contain their joy
  • to sing in the bathroom - whenever they think no one can hear them
  • to speak up to correct me - whenever I shouldn't laugh at their really funny stuff

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