Safety First
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Safety First is our mantra. And in the First Grade, this slogan can apply to some mighty unusual situations. Here's what I mean ...

The Treasure Box

For behaving so well this morning at the Christmas Music Program, I allowed my students to choose something from "The Treasure Box" in our classroom.

Martin chose a toy ring, but ten minutes later he was in front of me, spinning in circles, and dancing a jig.

"HURRY!” he pleaded.

"What is it?" I said, reaching for him. Obviously he was in some sort of pain. "What you want me to do?!"

“My rang's too big!” he gasped, “so I choked it down to make it fit."

He showed me his finger. Swollen. Purple. "Ohhh ..."

“TAKE THE RANG OFF!" he screamed. "My fanger done quit breathing!”

Outside at Recess ...

Stevie yelled in my face, “Look at that dog’s tongue!” He was pointing to a dog in the back of a pickup truck.

Panting hard, the dog's head rocked to and fro in the rushing wind. Poor thing looked as if he had just run a marathon. His LONG tongue dangled in the wind, dripping with drool.

“That man better be safety first!” Stevie hollered.

"What?" I didn't get it.

“He better SLOW DOWN. His dog’s ‘bout to lose him's breath!”

Watch Out!

"Watch out!" Stevie cried and ran out of the boys' bathroom. “Ewwwww, Teacher! Martin wet me! YUCK!

Martin was right behind him. “I’m sorry … I didn’t mean to.”

“Yes, you did!” Stevie fussed. “You did it on purpose!

Now, Martin became indignant. “Oh, no, you don’t! Don’t you EVEN tell me YOURS ain’t never got away from you before!”

Guess What!

Gena, who comes from a large family, was excited ...

“Guess what! My daddy's getting my momma a new car. And guess what else. It’s a v-a-n."

Under her chin, she clapped her little hands. “Now, I will be safety first 'cause I won’t be SQUASHED liked mashed taters annn-ny-more!”

Are You Okay?

Whenever Weesie arrived at school this morning, she dragged herself over to my desk and sat down in my chair.

Because my kiddos usually go straight to their own desks, I knew I needed to check on her.

I went over and placed my hand on her neck to see if she was warm or feverish. “Why are you sitting over here?” I asked, quietly.

She lifted her head long enough to answer ...

“I can’t help it, Teacher ... 'Member? Safety first ... I don’t want to puke over THERE - all over MY desk.”

* * *

I'm glad my kiddos understand what our mantra means ... It gives me time to make some plans, or to get out of their way! lol

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