Short Funny Poems
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Short funny poems written by my first graders help us to understand what some of the kiddos are thinking - at this age.

While they may be too young to understand the concepts of theme, unity, rhyming, etc., they can definitely get their ideas across!

The following are a few examples of their poems ...

Each student told me what to write, and I copied it down for them. I LOVE the way they express themselves!


by Clarissa

Hi ya, little sissy bug.

How do you do?

If you don’t bother me,

I won’t bother you!


by Ema

I know I’m 'post to like green stuff.

I know I’m 'post to eat it all.

But I am not big.

So, I will eat a little bit.

But I won’t eat it all!

My Best Thing

by Stevie

Recess is the BEST THANG of all!

I go out to play.

But I got one BIG problem.

I have to wait all day!

What I Like

by Tommy

I like cars.

And I like big red trucks.

But mine is toys.

What I really want to do is go huntin'.

And shoot a big buck!

This is Easy

by Amy

Spelling words is fun.

And I can make 100.

And that is good!

Daddy said, “It's R-E-E-L-G-O-O-D!”


by Martin

Why do I have to go to school?

I have to get up early.

And then, HURRY, HURRY.

I hate that!

I want to stay home.

'Cause I don’t like to worry ... and, and stuff.

Morning Milk

by Joe Joe

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

I don’t like morning MATH.

I DO like morning milk. Chocolate!

And, oh yeah ...

I don’t care if this thang don’t rhyme good!

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