Short Funny Story
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

A short funny story can sometimes make your day, and my days are filled with short funny stories - original ones - straight from the mouths of my firsties.

First graders can be deep thinkers, too, who are highly opinionated, and more than happy to share their truth with you!

Aa Bb Cc Homework

Weesie showed me her homework. Only half of it was done.

“Yesterday night, I practiced my higher-up cases,” she said, smiling ever so sweetly. “Just like you do, Teacher.”

“I see,” I said, admiring her positive outlook.

“Yes, Ma'am,” she continued, “and TONIGHT, I’m gunna finish off them LOW-DOWN ones.”

A Bad Grade? Not Me!

Amy was concerned about the grade on her Language Arts test … She thought that I had marked a correct answer as wrong.

“Look, Teacher,” she said, “you mis-corrected this one.”

So I went through several examples and explained the correct answer to her.

Slowly, she nodded her little head. “Oh, I understand, now.”

“You do?” I asked, hoping that she really did.

She patted my hand reassuringly and whispered, “See, on that first day you teached it, I was real young. And I couldn’t catch it!”

She took pity on me. Hugging my neck, she continued, "Now, you stop worrying ... I JUST catched it."

Another Short Funny Story

On the way to the cafeteria …

My class walked past a group of students who were playing outside during their P.E. class.

Martin was babbling to Mrs. Dells, my student teacher.

“Oh, see that boy running with the ball? That’s my brother, Cliff. He’s in second grade!” he shouted.

“Last year he was in first grade ... just like me. And, guess what! In MY teacher’s room. How about that?" he said, as if it were some kind of a miracle.

"Yes, Siree,” he proudly remembered and announced, “Row two!”

At Lunch ...

Gena opened a HUGE chocolate candy bar. And everyone who saw it said, “Ahhhhh …” Then, immediately, they started begging for a piece.

Before I could say a word, Gena stood, shook her head and scolded me. “Ooooooooh, Teacher, 'member what my momma said?”

Oooh, was I in trouble? What was she talking about?

No doubt, she saw the confused look on my face because immediately little Gena changed her authoritative stance and began to whine ...

"Make them stop, Teacher! 'Cause ... MEMBER? Momma said, 'I ain't EVER 'post to be a-nnoyed!' "

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