Show and Tell

from The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

For many reasons, Show and Tell is a great learning activity ...

For one thing, students develop confidence in speaking to a group. And it builds various language skills, including listening skills … something that most definitely needs improving, especially in the first grade.

Give me That!

Today, during Show and Tell, Loegan was showing a fifty-cent piece when Joe Joe jumped from his seat, his fingers balled into fists. “Hey, THAT’S MINE!” He roared like a lion and charged.

I lunged across the classroom trying to beat Joe Joe to where Loegan stood.

“Stop, Joe Joe!” I said. “If you have a problem, you know this is NOT how we handle it.”

“Give me my money!” he said, sneering.

I stood between the two boys, facing Joe Joe. “You have something to say? Yes? Well, go sit. RIGHT NOW.”

He made a low growling sound in his throat and took a threatening step forward.

Never once looking at me, he tried his best to look around me at Loegan.

I stood firmly – calmly and quietly – pointing to his seat which was across the room on row one.

Finally, he grunted his way down the aisle – the veins in his neck bulging out – as he made it back to his seat. “He better give it back!”

After he sat, I asked, “Did you lose some money?”

“Yeah, I did! And he’s got it!”

Downplaying the problem, Loegan said, “This is my money. Honest.”

Approaching Joe Joe, I asked, “WHY do you think Loegan may have your coin?”

“Cause …” he spat between clenched teeth, “mine looks JUST LIKE that one!”

Got a Problem?

It was Martin’s turn to speak, but he was having difficulty. Suddenly the water-toy he was showing started leaking water everywhere. He examined it all over.

“Oh, shoot,” he drawled. “This thang ain’t got no lid-top on its bottom!”


Then, proudly, Weesie showed her piece of new jewelry.

“This is my bracelet … with a tick-tock on it.”

Frowning, Stevie glared at me. “A tick tock?”

“Shhh,” I whispered.

“Yeah,” Weesie continued, “a clock … a little clock.”

“Oh, you mean a WATCH!” he boomed.

“Huh?” A look of confusion crossed her face.

Trying to give her a clue, Stevie pointed to a spot on his wrist and said, “Watch.”

“Huh?” she asked again. “Watch what?”

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What are you Doing?

Tommy was already in front of the class when he pulled out a small tool for Show and Tell.

“Oh, come here,” I said. “What are you doing with PLIERS at school?”

“That ain’t nuttin,“ he assured me. “You take pliers to un-ranch stuff.”

Show and Tell for Animal Lovers

Stevie brought a colorful 5 X 7 picture to show.

“I made this picture with my cam-ra.” He held it high for all to see.

“Look,” he said, pointing to something in the picture. “Them’s geeses right there … Ya’ll know what geeses is?”

When no one answered, he was glad to explain.

“That’s when you got a WHOLE BUNCH of gooses!”

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