Six and Gifted
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Six and gifted?

"Yes," you say, "my child is six years old ..."


"I don't know ... How would I determine that?"

First, if your child is gifted, you probably know it … OR have some idea that it's possible and probable.

On the other hand … if you don’t know, I've listed some – but not all – signs of a gifted child.

Note that your child doesn’t have to possess all of the traits to qualify as gifted. And, as you may have guessed, giftedness will never fit into a “one size fits all” description.

If your child possesses many of these traits, your child's teacher and others at the school will identify these traits and contact you at the appropriate time for further screening. SEVERAL steps and assessments are required before a proper diagnosis can be made.

Each school district has a plan in place. You seldom have to do anything ...

Usually, they will contact you.

However, with that said, you can always look in the school handbook for more information ... You should know that before a child is tested certain criteria must be met.

And, of course, you can have your child tested privately, by someone other than the school district.

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Signs of a Gifted Child …

• Creative

• Curious

• Inquisitive

• Keen observer

• Compassionate

• Learns quickly

• Early reader

• Long attention span (if interested)

• Exceptional vocabulary

• Broad reasoning ability

• Inconsistent academic performance

• Easily frustrated

• Wide areas of interest

• Perfectionist

• Highly sensitive

• Excellent memory

• Energetic

• Stubborn

• Opinionated

• Highly developed sense of humor

• Morally sensitive

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Gifted and Talented

While some children are academically gifted, others are gifted and talented in more than one way ...

Want to see some of these bright and beautiful children in action? These videos are simply awe inspiring!

Connie Talbot sings
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Gifted and Talented - Quinn Sullivan

Emily Bear is Brilliant

Gabrielle Chou - Hungarian Dance No. 5 
bu Brahms

Daniel Kostenko, Self-taught Drummer

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