Snaggle Tooth

by Penny
(Birmingham, AL)

Today, my little first grader, Josie, ran inside with her mouth bleeding. "Look, Mommy, my tooth fell out!"

I looked and saw that - at last - the lone loose tooth that had been hanging periously low for weeks now was gone.

She was so excited she didn't seem to care that the white colth I dabbed in her mouth was now covered in blood.

"I so happy....Now them mean kids can stop calling me names!"

"Do what?" I asked. "Who's calling you names?" I was getting upset. "What did they say?"

"Snaggle Tooth....You a old SNAGGLE TOOTH!"

"Awww," was all I could say.

Josie could see my concern, so she hugged me real tight and said, "It's okay, Mommy...Now them mean kids have to stop talking dirty to me."

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Snaggle Tooth
by: Lynda

Yes, I understand how that could hurt your feelings ...

But even though kids go through some hurtful things, thank goodness, they usually bounce right back. Sometimes, they forget and forgive others before we adults can.

I hope everything is going well now. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

Her line - "Now them mean kids have to stop talking dirty to me" - is so funny.

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