Teacher Stories
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Funny teacher stories are what I have tons of, but not all of them are the ha-ha funny kind ...

Sometimes the kiddos want to help each other. And I have to MAKE SURE they don't!

Take a closer look to see what I mean ...

Remember Loegan and Joe Joe?

Loegan was sitting in my chair. "You got a good desk," he observed. "You can see everything in the room from here. Yeah, and everybody's being good ... Doing their work." He nodded in approval.

"Yes, they are," I said, "and what about you?"

"Me? Oh, I'm SURE I'm being good."

"Are you finished with your work?"

"I'm through, but something's 'sturbing me ... It's Joe Joe's eyes," he confided. "What's wrong with them?"

I could guess what he was talking about, but I dare not put words into his mouth. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"Look," he said. "See? One eye looks over here. And one eye looks over yonder."

"He has a medical condition," I said, patting his hand and motioning for him to move out of my seat.

"It's nice of you to be concerned ... You like him, don't you?"

"I want to help him," Loegan said. "I want to fix his eyes."

"No, no!" I said. Then calmly, I continued. "He's going to get better. I'm SURE his family is helping him."

Loegan looked deeply into my eyes, searching them. "Are you SURE?" he said, "cause I believe I can help."

"Nooooo!" I insisted. "I mean, YES, I'm sure! Now, don't you worry, or do ANYTHING because Joe Joe will be just fine. I promise."

I knew that Joe Joe was seeing a specialist, but I didn't go there ... Anyway, I'd hate to see how Loegan would fix him. And worse, I'd hate to see what Joe Joe did to Loegan in retaliation!

For a minute, we both watched hypnotically as Joe Joe broke his tall, perfect crayons in half and stomped them into the floor. He was having tons of fun, but then ...

"Whoa there!" I demanded, and dashed over to him for ANOTHER little conference.

See? Not all of the real-life stories are funny!

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