Things Kids Say
The Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Things kids say in the first grade classroom - whether engaging, shocking, delightful or funny - are definitely interesting.

Because children are so open, honest, and forthcoming, they can be hilarious. The way my first graders view and question new skills, concepts, and life in general refreshes my attitude daily ... They teach me so much!

Test Day

Bold and assertive little Joe Joe stormed into the classroom fussing. "Where's my test?" he demanded. "I'm ready for it! Last night, I studied SEVEN DAYS!"

Piano Practice

Amy chattered excitedly about her new baby brother. Then, suddenly she stopped and her mood changed.

“You know, I like piano ... I do. I really do.” She nodded as if she were trying to convince herself. “But see, my FINGERS don’t!”

School Attendance

“Teacher,” Martin said, in all earnestness, “does YOUR Momma make YOU come to school?”

Ha Ha! I knew what that probably meant about him!

Waking Up

Some of the children said they had problems waking up each morning.

Amy said, "Here's what to do! First, you open your eyes like this." With her tiny fingers, she pinched her top lids and stretched them wide open.

Then, with her thumbs, she pulled the skin under her eyes way down.

"Uggh! You look like a ZOMBIE," Martin said.

Amy continued. "Then, you count to 20."

Quietly, everyone listened.

"If that don't work ..." She paused to consider. "Count to 20, again."

No one moved. And they looked so serious. They were learning something!

"Sometimes I have to do it three times," she confessed.

Tommy yawned and admitted it. "EVER TIME, I can't hardly wake up. What to do then?"

"No problem," Amy declared. "Now, start on your ABC's."

LOL ... I can just SEE them doing that! They're so cute!

Drink Coffee

While I was teaching one of the reading groups, Ema sprang from her seat, ran to me, and clutched my arm impatiently.

"Teacher!" she said, as if it were important ... important enough to interrupt the reading group. "Do you like coffee?"

"Uh …"

"Me too!" she chirped, eager to announce it.

"I drink it ALL THE TIME! And I know why ..." She smiled as if she had a secret.

"Why's that?" I asked, wondering what this was about.

"I just fount out!"

Bursting with pride and happiness, she could hardly wait to tell me. "Momma said it's DEAF-LY 'cause I'm from my daddy's side of the family!"

And there it was ... She was THRILLED to be like her daddy! And to her, that was important enough to interrupt the reading group. lol - So precious!

Things Kids Say

Clarissa was coughing, sneezing, and rubbing her raw nose red.

I said, "I see you've got the sniffles."

She shook her head. "No Ma'am!" she said, surprised that I wouldn't know. "I ain't got them … THEY GOT ME!"


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