Tooth Fairy Pixie Dust

by Wendy

The first time my son lost a tooth, I thought, "How fun! I'll make this really special!" So I found some glitter and decided a sprinkling of glitter on the floor would help him feel like the Tooth Fairy had really been there to visit him.

Ohhhhh, BIG mistake. Because once you start, you really can't stop. And I didn't appreciate that if it had a huge impact on my son, he would probably go to Dad's house and talk about it. Then, if Dad didn't do the same thing, our son would begin to wonder why the Tooth Fairy leaves pixie dust at Mom's house, but she doesn't do the same thing at Dad's.

I remember that first phone call from his Dad. "Wendy, what's this about fairy dust?" (Yeah, that didn't go over so well!)

And I really should have considered just how messy glitter can be!! It was EVERYWHERE by the time I was finished! And it's not like you can just suck it out of carpets with a vacuum cleaner! Oh what a mess! And it's kind of hard to hide when it sticks to every part of your skin, even when you don't think you've touched your nose, or your ear, or your hair .....

At some point I dropped the glitter thing. My son noticed and asked me about it. My response? "The Tooth Fairy probably had to do some cost cutting. I would imagine Pixie Dust is pretty expensive!" He bought it!! LOLOL

The picture I attached is of my son in first grade. If you look closely, you'll see that one of his front lower teeth is missing.

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Tooth Fairy Pixie Dust
by: Lynda

I love your story. It's awesome ... And the picture of your son is TOO CUTE! Thanks, Wendy! :)

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